Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to my new blog. I was born and raised in Southern Nevada. I moved to Texas when I was 18 to attend college at Texas Tech University. I graduated twice in 2012 with two degrees: Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies. I recently completed my first of four semesters at Texas State University for a Master’s of Family and Child Studies with a Child Life Speciality concentration. My goal in life is to be a Child Life Specialist at St. Jude in Memphis, Tennessee. My ultimate goal is to be following the life Jesus has for me. I grew up in the church but recently (this last year) realized what it means to drop your plans and to follow what Jesus. I quickly realized that by the plans I were God’s plans for me all my life, he laid them on my heart and I am ecstatic to see where they take me.

In 2013, I committed to memorizing a total of 24 verses through Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team. This last year and taking the time to be in God’s word and actually learn what scripture means and learning how to apply it to my life has been absolutely wonderful. I can’t actually describe it in words. My goal for 2014 is to create this opportunity for ladies that I am in contact with everyday who are seeking to make God their number 1 the opportunity to have a body of believers that are encouraging them to be in the word and encouraging them to memorize scripture. That is the primary purpose of creating this blog.

I am also creating this blog to let family and friends know what is going on in my life.


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