Feelings of Nostalgia

It’s been 356 days since I have been in Nevada, typing it now makes me realize and remember just how long that is. I can not wait to be back in Henderson (my home town) and spending time with my family and friends. Since I have been home a few things have changed: 1) My Grandmother and best friend had a triple bypass surgery and heart valve replacement and is dong great and back to work 2) I was accepted into Texas State University Masters program for Child Life (Wreck ‘Em ;}) 3) I just completed my first year of graduate school 4) I moved away from Lubbock, a place I called home 5) I finally laid down all my sin and shame at the feet of Jesus my king. 5) I completely surrendered my life to Jesus and his will/plans rather than trying to do this thing we call life on my own. 

So, here I am 356 days later venturing to the place I was born and raised, a place with memories both good and bad, a place where I spent my entire childhood, a place that will forever be home to me. The Lord has been unbelievably good to me in 2013 and his love and mercy have been abundant through many trials and tribulations that I have had to face. I am so thankful that his mercies are new each morning, praise you Jesus. I couldn’t be more excited to see my family and my friends, so much has changed, so much to catch up on. 

My prayer when I am there is that I wouldn’t let the devil remind me of my past, but rather focus on all the good that God has done throughout me in this last year, that is something to be thankful for and to praise Jesus for, no doubt! 

Hendertucky (hehe), I am coming for you and I can’t wait to be reunited with all the wonderful memories I created there during my childhood. 

My dear friends, may this Christmas season be a time of joy, peace and love (holiday cheesiness at it’s finest). May you remember just what this holiday is all about. Don’t focus on the presents and the giving of gifts. The best you can give is your PRESENCE with the people you love, your time and not materials things. Focus on the real meaning of Christmas, for material items all not be our forever, our forever is coming back for us one day and my friends Jesus is the only forever we will ever need. Image

Black Mountain || Henderson, Nevada. 


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