Love What Is True

This time last year, I read Beth Moore’s blogpost about Siesta Scripture Memory Team and I never imagined that I would sign up for it or that I would actually complete the entire 24 verse memorization, but I did. I recently posted my final verse for the 2013 memory team.

Choosing to take the opportunity that Beth Moore placed in front of us was one of the best things I chose to do in 2013. Knowing how it helped me in my walk with Christ and knowing that Beth Moore only does it every other year, I came up with the idea to create the opportunity for women in the year 2014.

Rather than positing twice a month, I have decided to encourage the women to post once a month, making a total of 12 verses to memorize for the entire year.

I am working out the remainder of the logistics and as soon as I have them worked out, I will update everyone.

I look forward to working alongside women as they challenge themselves to know and memorize God’s word.


Love What Is True 2014


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