What Helps Me Memorize Scripture?

I never thought to record/post the different methods I used to help me memorize scripture. Some of these are unique ways, but know that they might not be best for everyone, they are simply just suggestions.

1. Journal. Every morning when I was doing my quiet time, I would also write my verse down once. For me, even now in graduate school, this is one of the best ways for me to learn things, by writing them down.


2. Note Cards. Yet another way to write it down 🙂 I would write it down and put it somewhere I would see it frequently. For me, the best place was on my bathroom mirror. 


3. On My Dash Board. This is one I usually get laughed at for. I spend a good amount of time in my car, so I would type out the verse, print it out and put it on the dash in front of the passenger seat. Whenever I was in my car, I would make it a habit to read it and eventually just say it aloud without having to look at it. *Note, you will get weird looks from people, because more often than not, it looks like you’re talking to yourself.* Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this. I literally just taped it to my dashboard, it seriously was probably the biggest help for me in memorizing scripture this last year. 

4. Cell Phone Screen Saver. I would either find the verse I was using with a creative picture already made or I would get creative myself and create my own. Unfortunately I look at my phone a lot, so this was another great way for me to read the verse before I unlocked the phone. *I know that this is nearly impossible to do with the update on iPhone, but I’ve have also set it as my home screen and not just my lock screen and adjusted my apps, so that I can see the entire verse.*



These are just the four different methods that I use to help me memorize my verses. I hope that some of them work for you.  Come the end of the year, we can all comment and say what worked best for us during the year.

Have a great first weekend in 2014 my friends!!!




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