25 Years Young.

So, I turn 25 in 10 days and I am having some major anxiety about it. To help relieve my anxiety and not focus on the fact that I’ll be quarter of a century, I plan on doing some good during my 25th year of life.

1. I want to do 25 Acts of Kindness. That means 1 every 2 weeks. This is just one way for me not to focus on myself but rather to help those around me. I have a few things in mind, but if you can think of something I am open to suggestions! 🙂

2. Promote 25 different charities or non-profits. There are so many charities out there in today’s society, and I would like to help #ShineALight on them and help get the word out about them. I have a few organizations I would like to promote, but coming up with 25 isn’t easy, so if there are any you can think of, please feel free to comment with them.

These are just two different ways to spend less time focusing on myself and more time focusing on others and the good others are doing.

It also makes me excited for my 25th year of life despite how old it makes me feel.


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