25 Years Young (continued)

These are just 25 simple facts I have learned in the last 25 years about myself  and about life in general.

1. Mexican food never gets old, I could eat it every day.

2. It’s okay to buy flowers for yourself.

3. Sometimes an ugly cry is necessary.

4. Reading is good for the soul. I read an average of 18 books a year.

5. Staying up until 2 AM and having to go to work/school early the next day isn’t as easy anymore.

6. I greatly enjoy a day where I am not glued to my phone every second of the day.

7. Seeing my family has become more of a twice a year event, rather than every day/once a month, this is not my personal choice.

8. My family will always.ALWAYS be there for me.

9. I sound more like my mom and grandma every day and I’m okay with that.

10. I have learned to appreciate my best girlfriends: near, far, old and new.

11. A wild night out consists of staying up until midnight and sometimes the best way to spend a Friday night is in your pajamas watching Netflix!

12. An afternoon nap is still and always will be absolutely acceptable.

13. If he doesn’t love God, he doesn’t know how to love me.

14. The thought of getting married gets more appealing each year.

15. I absolutely can’t wait to be a mom.

16. Despite why my grandpa thinks, it’s okay for me to be single and pursuing my career. 1 Corinthians 7:17 .

17. I’ve learned that hard work pays off.

18. I can rarely sleep past 8 AM in the morning, my body is preparing my for my internship and future career.

19. My OCD is so out of control that I eat certain foods in pairs, fruit snacks and small candies. Chances are if I have an odd number I will either give it to a friend or throw the extra away.

20. When I was younger I would wash my hands twice (OCD again), but people began to make fun of me, so you will now always see me carrying hand sanitizer and I’ll “clean” them a second time with the sanitizer rather than people questioning me.

21. I know what I believe and why I believe it.

22. Working at St. Jude is something I have worked at since I was about 12 and finally obtaining that dream is so close I can just feel it.

23. I really really REALLY hate that I have to be 25 for 365 days. I can’t stand odd numbers.

24. I’ve learned standing up for me is worth it.

25. Jesus is the same. His love is unconditional and never ending, even when I am so unlovable. He is faithful in my unfaithfulness. He reaches me in my darkest places and picks me up. He has redeemed me.

I realize that 25 isn’t old at all, as I have many friends who are older than that. I would like to say that 25 feels old to me, therefore came up with these 25 items to help me realize just how wonderful my first 24 years life were and to remind myself that the BEST IS YET TO COME!


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