25 Charities & 25 Random Acts of Kindness

Now that I am officially 25, I wanted to post about my plans for my 25th year of life. I often times find myself so engaged in myself and not what’s going on around me that it’s embarrassing. It actually brought me to tears near the ending of 2013, the fact that I focus so much on myself and could care less about those who are around me. As a young woman who is seeking to follow Christ and to become more like him, this is not a habit that I want to have. So, to help me focus less on me and more on those around me, I have decided to #ShineALight on 25 charities and to complete 25 (at least) #RandomActsOfKindness in my 25th year of life.

I have a tentative list for both of these, but I am willing to take suggestions and ideas for both.

25 Charities/Ways To Help Others

*They are in no specific order. You will also notice that some of these charities are not actual charities but people that I can help along the way to further the gospel of Jesus Christ by bringing #Kingdom*

25 Charities
1. Sound of Hope
2. Make A Wish
3. St. Jude
5. Candle lighters
7. AIM
8. Kisses From Katie
9. Ronald McDonald House Charities
  1. Lake Mead Christian Academy
  2. Your Local Rescue Mission/Food Bank
  3. World Vision (Adopt A Child)
  4. Boys & Girls Club of America
  5. Habitat for Humanity
  6. Find someone you know going on an upcoming mission trip, help them spread the good news of Jesus with the people they are going to come into contact with, by giving to their trip.
  7. A-21
  8. 268 Generation
  9. IJM
  10. Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  11. People Water
  12. Beat bullying: “You Can Speak Out Now”
  13. Project Linus
  14. Angel Tree
  15. Prevent Child Abuse America
  16. Global Hunger Project

25 #RandomActsOfKindness

*Once again, these are not listed in any specific order. You can also see that I only have 23/25, so if anyone has any ideas, please shoot them my way.*

  1. Load bags of groceries into cars for shoppers.
  2. Inconspicuously drop coins on the playground for children to find while they played.
  3. Feed parking meters. (February 1, 2014)
  4. Buy a gift card for groceries and give it to the person behind you in line.
  5. Walk up to a family eating lunch at a local restaurant, place a gift card on their table and walked out.
  6. Drop off several hand written thank you notes and doughnuts at the police station.
  7. Give a dozen hot doughnuts to a very cold crew working on the power lines.
  8. Take a large bag of clothes to the local homeless shelter.
  9. Pay for the woman’s coffee behind me in line at Starbucks. (February 1, 2014)

10.  Tuck happy notes in car doors in parking lot wishing people a good day full of God’s blessings.

11. Take art supplies to the Family Waiting Room of labor & delivery floor of the hospital for new big brothers and sisters to be.

12. Spend time volunteering at a local children’s hospital

13.  Hand out water bottles to very appreciative nurses.

14. Tape change to vending machines

15.  Deliver handwritten Valentine cards to the local assisted living facility.

16.  Wrote a letter to old friend and mailed it (yeah, the total old fashioned way).

17.  Took plates of cookies to 2 neighbors I don’t really know and spent some time talking with them.

18. Read a story to children in Barnes & Noble

19. Leave a small treat with a note of thanks for the mailman.

20. Babysitt for my pastor’s family for free/Free Parents Night Out For Your Church

21. Blessing Bags for homeless you see on the street

22. Leave 5 $1 in the dollar bins at target

23. Leave a larger tip for your waiter/waitress than normal


2 thoughts on “25 Charities & 25 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. This are fantastic and I will be stealing some of them!! A couple of ideas I had were to buy someone’s bible study book for them anonymously at church, tuck pretty bookmarks in fav books at the library, collect older fun/wholesome magazines from friends and take to shelter/nursing home/etc. Happy 25th–it’s going to be a great one!

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