My Word For 2014: “Truth”

In April of 2013, my good friend Beth and I began meeting with Joy Urlaub, who I would consider to be one of my mentors. Both Beth and I were both looking to grow closer to God and to have someone to help us understand the word better. One of the first things Joy encouraged us to do was to create a “Prayer Acrostic”. That way when Joy was thinking of us and praying for us, she just had to remember our prayer word and she would be praying for all the things God was calling us to at that time in our life. 

My 2014 Word is TRUTH: 






The goal is to find a verse that coincides with each word. I am in the process of praying over what verses to choose for my words. This word came to me, after Beth Moore asked us to spend some time in prayer and that if anything came to us via the holy spirit, to write it down. TRUTH is the word that came to me. The word TRUTH came to me as I was praying about my family that either don’t know Christ or they are currently a different religion. God was telling me that this year I need to be more bold with my faith, specially with my family members. For my family, any type of gathering we have, religion isn’t discussed, because there are differing views. So, I am praying that when the time comes, I would step out of my comfort zone and rely on Jesus along to spread his TRUTH, the good news. Please be praying with me! 

I encourage anyone reading this post to create their own “Prayer Acrostic” and then comment it on this post. That way when I pray for those that read my blog, I can pray your specific word over you. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. Those of you that are participating in #LoveWhatIsTrue, only 6 days and we start our second verse. Be in prayer about what your next verse is going to be. Image


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