While at Passion 2013 in Atlanta last year, we learned about what is called the End It Movement. The End It Movement was created to help end modern day slavery. There are currently 27 million enslaved today: men, women and children too. It is awful and the only way to help end it is by raising our voice.


Today, February 27th, people worldwide are raising their voices to help the world know and realize how awful human trafficking is and what they can do best to eliminate it.


Will you commit to help raising your voice by simply putting a RED X on your hand and when people ask you what it is about you can explain to them the tragedy that is taking place all over the world.


These people that are currently enslaved today all have a name and they have a heartbeat and they have a life that they are unable to live because they are trapped. It is our time to speak up and let the world know that we are for them and we are not going to get quiet until this tragedy is resolved.

Will you commit to join me and my friends as we fight to end human trafficking.


Here is a video explaining more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7yFuLxoldU&list=UUZj4MebuHOtmGWvJbMN9k0w&feature=c4-overview


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