Reality is that even when I spend a lousy five minutes with my savior he loves me the same as when I spend an hour with him. I am coming to the end of my Spring Break and it has been refreshing and productive at the same time. I just finished my last hour reading the word and talking with God. HOUR. That never happens, I fall so short of that hour on a daily basis because I focus on school and being productive. The reality is my time is better well spent spending time in the word and talking with God; reality is the “A” on that paper or exam I am seeking with my whole heart means nothing at the end of the day. What matters at the end of the day is my time with God, seeking him and ultimately using what I learn in the word to love his people like he does. Many people struggle with a variety of different things and my biggest struggle, my world possession is my school work. I have stated this before and I will say it again, because it is my current struggle, school more often than not, dictates how much time I spend in the word and with my savior. Why? Well, because I am human, because I make mistakes. BUT through those mistakes through those struggles Christ chooses to lift me up, to remind me that he’s there even in the midst of my selfishness and unfaithfulness, he chooses to love me through it. #Grace, that is grace to me. Thank you father for your grace and your love, when I often times find myself so far from you. I don’t deserve your love or grace, but you still give it and not in little bits, you lavish it upon me.

My desire as I had back to finish out this semester is that I wouldn’t focus on that textbook as my priority in the morning but I would focus on getting in the word and talking with God FIRST. I am a goal maker–so my goal as I finish out Spring 2014 would be to focus on Jesus first. That doesn’t mean everything will fall into place; Jesus never said following him would be easy, he knows were human but he’s there ALWAYS. 

Friends that are reading this, would you join me in prayer over this? I would love to pray for you and whatever God is calling to you at this season of your life. 

Lean on him, trust him–let him lead you. Let his love dictate how you live and ultimately how you treat those around you. How different would the world be if we focus on Christ as our sustainer and let that translate to those we come into contact with everyday. 

#BeautyInTheMundane #LoveWhatIsTrue #JESUSINeedYou


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