Update: I have a Child Life Internship…

It all became real to me when I was introducing myself at a church event yesterday and I was sharing with the group that I will only be able to volunteer until December, because I’ll be moving to Missouri in January. After I said it, I repeated the phrase in my head multiple times, “I’ll be moving to Missouri in January”. Wow, even when I first moved from Henderson in 2007, never did I think the words that would come out of my mouth would be, I’m moving to Missouri. hah!

It’s crazy to think that not only will I be moving, I’ll be fulfilling my dream of becoming a Child Life Specialist by completing my Child Life Internship as well as completing the final step in my graduate program. Come May I will be have my masters degree and one step closer to becoming a certified child life specialist.

There is so much that is going to happen from now until January 17th when I make the move to Missouri and I cannot wait to see it unfold. I am on a grand adventure with Jesus leading it all and I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Here’s the hospital I will be working at in Kansas City:

Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri

Here is a video of the hospital and what I’ll be doing as a Child Life Specialist Intern:

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me on this journey, I appreciate them more than you all know! 🙂


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