Child Life Specialists Working With Adolescents

This is a great blog on how Child Life Specialists can build rapport with Adolescents. Great Read.

Child Life Mommy


In a collaboration with Emily Murray, CCLS from Heal, Play, Love we decided to talk about a population of patients that can be bit more challenging to work with at times; adolescents. Emily has written about the development piece, which gives us the foundation of understanding what their body is going through. Click here to check out her post.

In this piece, I will be focusing on how to build a therapeutic relationship and offer both individual and group interventions.

Child life specialists are trained to work with children from infancy to early adulthood. However, some specialists may feel that certain age groups are more challenging to work with than others. Adolescents are an incredibly fun and amazing, but sometimes specialists feel intimidated or unsure on how to interact with this age group.

Here are a few tips in therapeutic interventions with teens.


Build Rapport– With any age group you have to…

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