Love What Is True, Verse 12 [Final Verse]

I cannot believe that we are already to the month of December. That much closer to a new year and for many a new season. There is so many good things coming my way as I head into this next season of my life. I have 9 days left in San Marcos. I have 2 classes left to sit in for my masters degree. Next semester, I finish my masters program by completing my child life internship and taking my final two comprehensive exams and the last step before certification to become a certified child life specialist.

Beth Moore posted a blog last night about memory and how important it is. Memory takes us back to places and times when people we cherish. When the time comes for us to move forward in our journey, memory helps us remember people and places. As I prepare myself and my heart to close the door in San Marcos, I have such fond memories of this place. I wasn’t fond of this place when I first moved here, it took some time for me to get to the place I am at now here in San Marcos. God did a lot in my first few months here, he showed me how his plans are far greater than mine. San Marcos is a place where I developed some of the best friendships of my life, a place where I learned a lot about myself, and a place that I will hold close to my heart for those very reasons.

This next season is scary and has so many unknowns, but I can look back and remember that Jesus carried me through every season. He has seen me through many unknowns and look at all that came of it. Look at all he did for me. Jesus, you are the giver of all good things and I praise you for that.

As I close a door and prepare for the opening of a new journey, I want this promise to remind me that I am never alone and even in the waiting, I can sing for joy, knowing that what you have in store for me is by far better than anything I can imagine or anything I have ever hoped for.

Amanda Porter. San Marcos, TX.  “You make known to me the path of life; you fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. -Psalm 16:11 


Okay ladies, let’s hear your last verses.


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