• I created Love What Is True Scripture Memory Team
    • After memorizing 24 verses with Beth Moore and my Siestas, I wanted to dig in the word more, so I created my own memory team.
  • I turned twenty-five years old.
  • I met Beth Moore and attended Siesta Scripture Memory Celebration in Houston with my Siestas
  • I attended Passion 2014 in Houston with Multiply from The Heights Fellowship
  • I completed my first year of graduate school in May.
  • I attended my first Child Life Conference New Orleans, LA
  • I got to spend my summer in my hometown of Henderson, NV
  • My mom survived a serious emergency surgery
  • I got to attend Camp Cartwheel, a camp for children with cancer and their siblings
  • I realized how important framily can be
    • Framily (N): Friends who become like family
  • I applied for Child Life Internships
  • I received an offer from my dream hospital, St. Jude, but realized once again God’s plans are far better than could ever imagine.
  • I accepted a child life internship offer at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri
  • I passed two of my comprehensive exams for my masters program
  • One of my closest family members turned her life around for the better and I couldn’t be more thankful
  • I spent time with the greatest friends, creating memories
  • I grew close with my small group in San Marcos and was able to become vulnerable with them [Thank you Jesus]
  • I created new friendships
  • I got to volunteer with my home church in San Marcos [Eikon] at a local elementary school, sharing the good news of Jesus, how cool!
  • I completed my last coursework for my graduate program
  • I returned to Lubbock to spend time with my mom before my move to Missouri
  • I spent my first Christmas away from Henderson

This year was crazy and unpredictable. One word that sums it all up, JESUS. He is life and only through him do I have a life this grand. Only through him am I able to experience unmerited grace and unending love.

So, thank you Jesus! Thank you for 2014, for the ups and downs. Thank you for allowing me to grow more in you and closer with people I love so dearly.

I know that God has so much in store for me in 2015 and through all the good and the bad Jesus is right there with me. So, let’s do this God, I am ready for the adventures you have planned for me; may I always keep you at the center of it all. You Oh Lord, you are worthy of all my praise and all the glory.


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