2015: From Student to Professional


  • I along with thousands other siestas memories 24 verses.
  • I turned twenty-six years old.
  • I began my Child Life Internship
    • Moving to Kansas City for 4 months to work 600 un-paid hours at Children’s Mercy Hospital.
    • Some of the best moments were created; learning and growing.
  • I graduated from Texas State University with my masters in Child Life.
    • I am now Amanda Porter, MS
  • I accepted a dream job at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City
    • Moving there officially.
    • Working in the Dialysis Unit & Kidney Center
  • I passed my Child Life Certification Exam.
    • I am now Amanda Porter, MS CCLS
  • I made the commitment to call First Baptist Raytown my home church in Missouri.
    • Joined a life group with other people my age.
    • Already created some sweet new friendships that I thank the Lord for daily.
  • I got to come home to Lubbock to spend Christmas with my mom.
  • Learned that Jesus is enough
    • His plans are greater than mine.
    • My money is not my own.

I can honestly say 2015 was a top-notch year. I look forward to all that 2016 has for me relationship wise, professionally, spiritually.

Relationship Wise: I want to be a friend who is willing to abandon her plans for someone in need. A friend that opens her home willingly. A friend that loves others with abandonment. A friend that places her phone down to engage in conversation. A friend that speaks truth and builds others up.

Professionally: As a new Child Life Specialist, I have so much learning and growth ahead of me. Looking forward to becoming the best specialist I can to the patient’s and families I serve at CMH.

Spiritually: Planning Love What Is True Scripture Memory Year 2, Joining several life group girls in reading the Bible in a year, tithing without worries.

I’ll be praying for you friends. Let’s do this 2016.


When you love and laugh abundantly you live a beautiful life.





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