Ways to Memorize Scripture?

I originally began memorizing scripture as a young child in Awana, but it was more for the prize I would receive or the recognition I would receive.

It wasn’t until after Passion 2013, hearing Beth Moore speak that I realized the value and importance of memorizing scripture. Arming ourselves with the sword of the spirit (God’s word) is important. I find myself having a tough day and as cliche as it sounds, I now have verses that I have set to memory to help encourage me. It also benefits my close friends, I can pray and speak truth over my friends and I find myself doing it more now that I have taken the time to memorize scripture.

Below are several ways that Beth Moore encourages the siestas to memorize scripture.

Beth suggests you pick a verse that applies to your life right now so not only are you memorizing God’s Word but you are applying these verses to your current situations you are living right now.  I love that! This has been the best way for me to truly take and apply what the Bible is saying.

Break it down into pieces.  Work on memorizing the first part, then later the second part.  It helps us that struggle with memorizing.

Use posts it notes to put them around your house.  On your mirror when you’re getting ready, on your computer or laptop, or anywhere you will see it daily. All my verses are currently on my bathroom mirror to help me look at them each day. I also place them on my desk atIMG_8557 work and also on the dash board in my car. I read them daily on my way to work. It also sets me up for a good day, starting my day out with truth has really changed my perspective and outlook on my days [my days aren’t perfect, but once again I am able to recite scripture I’ve set to memory and it is a total game changer].

Beth encourages you to have an accountability partner. Not necessarily memorizing the same verse, but someone who is committed to Scripture memory like you are. Honestly, this was the best part of it. Having accountability was the best part of this, it helps you grow and develop already existing friendships and through beth’s online website create new friendships through the Scripture memory.

I also write the verse daily in a notebook during my quiet time. It’s a keepsake for me to remember my accomplishment while also another way for me to memorize the verse for the 2 weeks (or month).

Ladies, I am so passionate about memorizing scripture. It has truly transformed the way I read and learn scripture. I would love for you to join me. It starts in 3 days. If you’re considering it, pray about it. Let God transform your heart. Let him reveal the power of arming yourself with the sword of the spirit. Let’s do this together. Let’s grow together.

I promise you this, you won’t regret it.





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