Rest: Love What Is True, Verse 2

Rest (v): cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

For many years, I have consistently poured my life into school, between writing papers, studying for exams, and writing more papers. For the last several months after [finally] finishing graduate school and passing my certification exam, I have been attempting to find what to do with my time; filling it with new friendships, working, and other things.

My job is a dream, everything I ever wanted it to be and more. Moving to Kansas City has been the best thing for me, finding a church that has a group of individuals who are going through the same life stage as I am. No longer in college but a working professional that is single. It’s rare to find a church that has a group for this what most would call “awkward” stage. šŸ˜‰ Having found so many great things to fill my newly free time (goodness, I never realized how much studying and writing papers consumed my life), I typically always have something going on in the evenings or the weekends.

This weekend was different. I slept in (HALLELUJARRR) and I also stayed at home. It was gorgeous in Kansas City this weekend (mid-high 50s), and I took advantage of the beautiful weather. Lola and I went on long walks (three to be exact), I sat on my porch and read a new book by Lauren Chandler “Steadfast Love” and that’s where my verse for February comes from. Lauren beautifully takes Psalm 107 and write it while sharing her story and struggles. It is so eloquently written, a book I recommend anyone who reads this take the time to read her book. I also caught up on

I started the blog off with the definition of “Rest”, I want to refer to  the specific portion of the definition “Refresh Oneself”. Something I haven’t taken much time to do by constantly filling my weekends and rarely taking time to just rest, to gain new strength. I did that this weekend by reading a book with great truths from God’s word in it and by spending time in God’s word. It is so good for the mind, body and soul to just not only read God’s word but to meditate on it. That is what I did Saturday. I rested by reading God’s word, meditating on it and regaining strength.

Friends, I not only encourage you to read Lauren Chandler’s book, but also to take a day to yourself. Take a day to rest. To refresh. To gain strength. The best way to do that is by getting in the word.

Amanda Porter. “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” -Psalm 107:1(ESV) 

Let’s hear your verses sisters, post away!


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