I am no longer a slave to fear.

I am a child of God. 

I am confident that God uses difficult times in our life to remind of us his goodness. Life has been hard the last few months. Finding myself in the hospital twice (for the first time ever) for some pretty intense and scary symptoms. I quickly allowed my the fear of the unknown to take over and my anxiety to increase. It was the next 6 weeks that followed that were some of the hardest. I’m fortunate that what was taking place in my body was nothing extremely serious. I have recently had to make some changes to my routine and eating habits. It has been quite the transition and it has completely changed my outlook on life and the way I listen to my body.

I truly believe that song lyrics can bring healing in a time of hurt. My current song of choice and anthem is “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel. The following lyrics will soon be written on a canvas to hang in my house…

You split the sea
So I could walk right through it
My fears were drowned in perfect love
You rescued me
And I could stand and sing
I am a child of God…

I have been living in a place a fear, because of the unknown season I just finished walking through. I am thankful that because of Jesus death on the cross, I need not to fear. I know that whatever season I walk through, he is walking with me through it. He has never left me, even when I felt the most alone. I am a Child of God and with that comes grace, mercy, extravagant love. Things we know already are often hidden or forgotten, because the devil is out to confuse and under our walk with Christ (John 10:10).

My prayer moving forward is to cling to  at and rest in the truth of God’s word. Not allowing the lies of the devil to play a role in how I see myself and who God has called me to be.


One thought on “I am no longer a slave to fear.

  1. Awww!! This song is the soundtrack of my life right now too. I am so proud of you for being fierce in the face of fear, my SSMT friend. I pray that things continue to resolve with your health and that the bravery He’s growing in you right now will bring a HUGE payoff in the future. Hugs from Cassia!!!!

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